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Courtesy Jim Shuler


Protected in 1998-2003

Acreage: 13,064

Wasatch County, UT

In August 1998, UOL signed a conservation easement on 1,600 acres of a historic working ranch in Heber Valley which will forever preserve critical birthing grounds and pristine habitat for elk, deer and other wildlife. This property could have faced extreme development as it is adjacent to a 1-unit-per-acre subdivision of second homes now turned primary residences. The project was divided into three phases with Phase I protected in 1998 and Phases II and III slated for protection in 1999 and 2000. These lands have now been protected, bringing the total acreage preserved to over 13,000 acres.


The HOA is committed to managing the property in a manner that supports the natural communities of the land by using the Comprehensive Stewardship Management Plan (a joint project of UOL and WCR) as a guiding document.

The Ranch is a place to live in synchrony with nature and wildlife. The property is comprised of mountain land, riparian streams and meadows, sagebrush steppe and mixed aspen-conifer forest. The Wolf Creek Ranch HOA has formed the Environmental Preservation and Eco-diversity Committee (EPEC) and Aspen Subcommittee to consistently pursue management actions which protect and enhance the natural habitat and wildlife of the property, as outlined in the Wolf Creek Ranch Forest Stewardship Plan.

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