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As you enter the Heber Valley, the Northfields greet you with their pastoral charm. Framed by the silhouette of Mt. Timpanogos, here the Provo River flows, a cherished Blue Ribbon fishery, offering a haven for anglers and nature enthusiasts alike. But it's not just about the scenery. The Northfields are home to generational farms and ranches, steeped in tradition and resilience, a testament to our roots. The Northfields encapsulate the very essence, the character, and the distinctive allure that distinguishes the Heber Valley, resonating with a spirit symbolic of the American West, as timeless as the land itself.



This campaign is centered around momentum. While Utah Open Lands is collaborating with several landowners in the Northfields, three properties (the Giles, Getsch, and Christian Michel properties), have emerged as the first phase of our Northfields Protection Initiative. These landowners, recognizing the substantial profit to be made off of their land as the Heber Valley expands and land becomes increasingly sought after, are choosing to make a sacrifice. They are pledging at least 25% of their property value, amounting to millions of dollars, to ensure the preservation of their properties and uphold the character of their community. 

The collective value of these three properties nears $23 million. Utah Open Lands has diligently fundraised for these lands, successfully securing over $15 million in county, state, and federal funding. This fundraising, in combination with the generous contributions from landowners, has left us with $975,000 left to raise, less than 5% of the total value.

We need your help to bring the first phase of the Northfields Protection Initiative, these first three properties, to the finish line. Completion of the first phase of the Northfields Protection Initiative not only serves as a signal to other landowners in the area that conservation is a viable option, but demonstrates to major funding entities the widespread community backing for this initiative, setting the stage for future leveraging up to $20 million in additional funding for the Northfields and Heber Valley beyond. 


Northfields Fundraiser & BBQ | June 22nd, 2024 at 6:30 PM

Join Alexa Hewlett, a local resident with deep roots in Heber Valley (eighth generation, no less!), and Miss Wasatch County candidate, for a fun-filled evening supporting Utah Open Lands' Northfields Protection Initiative.

Alexa, raised in the Heber Valley, understands the importance of preserving the Northfields more than most. Witnessing development firsthand, she's dedicated to protecting the lands that shaped her life and our shared heritage.

Enjoy delicious food from local vendors, live performances by talented artists, and an exciting silent auction – all to raise awareness and funds for this vital cause. Every dollar goes directly towards protecting the Northfields for future generations.

Don't miss this chance to experience a delightful summer evening in the Heber Valley, support a cause that preserves the very character of our community, and make a lasting impact on the Northfields. 

THIS IS A CASUAL BACKYARD BBQ, meet not only Alexa, but Utah Open Lands' Staff to learn more about the Northfields Protection Initiative.


The whole of what the Northfields represents to the community is larger than the sum of its individual properties. We are at a moment in time where we stand to lose the essence of what makes Wasatch County, its cities, and its towns unique. Collectively we must come together to protect this landscape. Show your support today.

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Utah Open Lands extends its heartfelt thanks to local photographer Johnny Adolphson for allowing us to share his incredible portraits of the Northfields on our campaign site. His work beautifully captures the spirit and beauty of the Northfields, emphasizing the importance of their preservation. Our initiative would not be possible without the knowledge, passion, and talent of those who are local to the places we strive to protect. You can find more of Johnny's work here: .

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