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land stewardship

A Conservation Easement is just the beginning.

As an accredited land trust, Utah Open Lands makes a promise to the land in perpetuity. Annually or more frequently, Utah Open Lands' Stewardship Team visits each and every property under our care. These visits serve as check-ins on the land, and reports are created and filed in an ongoing effort to maintain the conservation values of the property. 

Mountain Biking

Protecting tomorrow, by preserving today.

Utah Open Lands works diligently to  see that every land and easement transaction is legally, ethically, and technically sound. Utah Open Lands' promise is to protect the land it conserves in perpetuity. To help secure the perpetual conservation of land, our transactions must stand the test of time and withstand future challenges. The bedrock of sound transactions begins with due diligence. From the cost of purchasing a conservation easement or fee-owned parcel of land, there are numerous transactional considerations that must be accounted for in every project.

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