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We need you, to help us, help you.
Looking for a social influence boost? Want to help out your favorite land trust? Enjoy having fun? 
The UOL Ambassador program is for YOU.

The Conservation Ambassador program is a volunteer-driven program for open space lovers that want to contribute to the positive and responsible recreational experience of community members and visitors. Our volunteer conservation ambassadors will provide educational opportunities for trail users, responsible stewardship tactics throughout the Utah Open Lands trail systems, and promote safe and enjoyable trail experiences for everyone. In addition, conservation ambassadors will have the opportunity to contribute to the Utah Open Lands data pool of flora and fauna via iNaturalist and will be able to assist in the appropriate maintenance of the trails that we all know and love in Utah.

As a Conservation Ambassador for Utah Open Lands, you will have the choice of participating in one or multiple of the following activities:

Conservation Education: Providing friendly outreach and education to trail users. As an educated and responsible steward of open space, we need your help to let other users know how to appropriately use the fragile open spaces that are open to recreational opportunities.  Education includes responsible user etiquette, sensitive wildlife present on the property, and how Utah Open Lands plays a role on these properties that are open to public use. 

Work Days with Utah Open Lands: Join the staff of Utah Open Lands to keep our open spaces clean and wild. Responsibilities of work-day volunteers include picking up trash on the trails, reporting any damage to trails or signs on the properties and identifying invasive species for Utah Open Lands staff to address.

Data Collection: (smart phone required) Utilizing the app, iNaturalist, Ambassadors will be asked to collect photographic data of the flora and fauna species found on various Utah Open Lands properties. Training on how to effectively use iNaturalist will occur prior to implementation on the properties. Species identification is not required, but knowledge of Utah flora and fauna is always a plus. 

Camera Monitoring: Utah Open Lands is placing a number of wildlife cameras on our properties in Utah! We need dedicated volunteers to check the status of these cameras and make sure they are functioning. 

Trailhead Presence: Be a friendly face at the trailhead of our Utah Open Lands publicly accessible properties. Ambassadors will provide maps and field guides to users, answer questions about the trails and property, promote responsible trail etiquette and educate about Utah Open Lands and the properties. 

Adopt-a-Trail: If you find yourself frequenting a Utah Open Lands trail on a regular basis, consider adopting a trail. Either individually or with a group, you will be responsible for stewarding a portion of a trail. Responsibilities for adopting a trail include relatively frequent visits to a particular trail (monthly), picking up trash when necessary, educating trail users about responsible recreation and use of trails, and alerting Utah Open Lands staff to any unusual disturbances on the trail. Quarterly reports to Utah Open Lands staff may be necessary. 

Program Overview:

 F . A . Q.


What are the duties of a Conservation Ambassador?

We like to think that every hiker, biker and open space-lover has their own way of experiencing the land. Depending on what you’re interested in, if you’re willing to visit our properties, we can find something for you! We do ask for a commitment of at least one property visit per month, as well as a documentation of your visit on a quarterly basis. 

In addition, if you have access to a smart phone or tablet, we ask that you download the free app, iNaturalist, to help us keep our information about our properties up to date! In order to become a Conservation Ambassador, we request that you fill out an application. In addition to the application, we ask that you participate in a 60-minute orientation to get you acquainted with the program. 

Who can become a Conservation Ambassador?

Anyone who loves open space, is willing to visit Utah Open Lands publicly accessible properties, and strives to be a responsible steward to the land is encouraged to apply! We do ask that children under 18 are accompanied by adults during their visits, and will be required to provide a parent signature on their Patrol Reports. If you love hiking, biking, skiing and making a difference in your outdoor community, we encourage you to apply!

How will people know that I am part of the Utah Open Lands Conservation Ambassador Program?

As a Conservation Ambassador, we will provide you with Utah Open Lands attire that you will be asked to wear on the properties! This will let people know that you have the information they need to have a safe, enjoyable day out on their easements!

How do I become a Conservation Ambassador?

Contact Utah Open Lands! Send an email titled “Conservation Ambassador Application Request” or call (801) 463-6156. We will send you everything you need to begin your application and get out on the land!