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Protected in 2008

Acreage: 2950

Summit County, UT

The Wahsatch Conservation Open Space property consists of a beautiful grassland and sagebrush landscape with associated shrubs, flowers, and grasses. Wasatch Creek runs through the Property from south to north. Wetlands and several ponds occur along this small stream, which is in the Yellow Creek watershed. Open-space values of the Property include a relatively natural ecological area with substantial wildlife and plant habitat, scenic beauty, and cultural and historical values. The property also preserves valuable wildlife and plant habitat including riparian habitat, wet meadow, flowing water, standing water, grasslands, and sagebrush steppe, which are recognized as high priority habitats for conservation in Utah. Relatively natural habitat and riparian areas along Wasatch Creek help to preserve high-quality stream waters. The property is easily seen from Interstate Highway 80 near the Utah/Wyoming state border. The Preserve also forms part of the viewscape from adjacent lands, including knolls to the west and South Wasatch Road to the south. The open land of the property also preserves part of the cultural heritage and historical value of this part of the country, which has been known for its wide-open spaces and natural characteristics. The route of the Donner-Reed immigrant party and the Mormon Pioneers passed just south of the Wahsatch Conservation Open Space property. Highway 80 runs along the historical Overland Stage Route along the property.

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