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Toll Canyon Open Space

Protected in 2013

Acreage: 781

Summit County, UT

Utah Open Lands successfully negotiated the purchase and funding for this 781 acres of land known as Toll Canyon Open Space. This property is the last piece of a broader conservation effort that Utah Open Lands initiated almost a decade ago. Working with community groups, Summit County, Park City and the Snyderville Basin Recreation District, Utah Open Lands was able to couple together the funding necessary to purchase this amazing property. With over 400 individuals in the community contributing directly to the purchase of Toll Canyon, Utah Open Lands raised $250,000 towards the purchase price. The donations were as small as $10 and as large as $30,000. Toll Canyon campaign was a demonstration of how the preservation of this property affected so many different segments of this population and how it was clearly identified as a community priority.

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