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South Eden Ranch

Protected in 2016

Acreage: 51

Bear Lake, UT

Situated on the north shoreline and within close proximity to the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge, this project is home to nesting birds and various shoreline and sage brush steppe species. The Nebeker’s have been excellent stewards of this property for many years, practicing care for the land and its resources. By conserving the first phase, 51 acres of shoreline fields,  critical land, and water resources, are ensured and the landowning families ethos of responsible land stewardship will continue and that over the coming years the remaining 500 acres of shoreline and rangeland have been permanently protected. Through the successful purchase of a conservation easement, UOL now manages invasive species, performs stream buffer enhancements and continues the use of permaculture. The protection of one of Utah’s last unimpaired water bodies combined with the landowner’s compliance with highly erodible soil and crop rotation management practices ensures the protection of water quality and reduces water demand on the property. As the second largest natural freshwater lake found in Utah, this water body is not only unique due to its composition but also provides habitat to four species of fish that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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