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YOU DID IT!  With your help we raised the
Green to Match Bear Lake's Blue

South Eden Ranch Canyon Land and Shoreline Needs Your Help

DOUBLE YOUR DOLLARS and save the Caribbean of the Rockies--Utah's Bear Lake.  The AHE/CI Trust will provide $100,000 of the final $200,000 that is needed to save this fifth generation ranch, over 518 acres.   Saving this property safeguards views of the lake.  It will aid in protecting water quality, thereby helping to protect  endemic species found in the canyon and the lake.  The land is home to nesting birds and various shoreline and sagebrush steppe species including the Greater Sage Grouse. The landowning family is also making a tremendous contribution of value to help this protection get across the finish line.   We need YOUR help to receive the challenge grant funding by October 15th.  Even a pledge will help us reach this final goal and save this landscape forever.

Aside from being an amazing place to visit, Bear Lake has been identified by the Audubon Society as an Important Bird Area and provides critical habitat for 31 Aquatic, 14 Raptor, and 32 terrestrial sensitive bird species. One species in particular, the Greater Sage Grouse, is an upland game bird that has faced significant habitat and population reduction in Utah as a result of human encroachment and development.

Geologists have used carbon isotope dating techniques to determine Bear Lake as one of the most long-lived surviving lakes in North America, if not the most long-lived extant lake on the continent. The lake itself provides habitat for 4 endemic fish species, and 11 endemic ostracods, species found only in Bear Lake! It is only with your support that we can continue, acre by acre, to preserve the parcels of land which make Utah one of the best states to visit, work, live, and recreate in. Please donate today so that we can take advantage of this challenge grant by the AHE/CI Trust.

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