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Saw-whet Owl photo.jpg

Owl Meadow Nature Preserve

Protected in 2017

Acreage: 5

Emigration Canyon

This 5.16 acre plot adjacent to Perkins Flat in Emigration Canyon, was under threat from development. With the potential of one unit per acre density, this highly visual, scenic stream corridor and attendant wildlife habitat was at risk.  Further impacts to water quality in Emigration Creek would have resulted as well if developed. The stream and associated habitat on the property was considered to be a habitat of concern by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, but thanks to the Owl Meadow Campaign, enough private and public support was generated to ensure the meadow continues to provide nesting habitat for Great Horned owls, Saw-whet owls and hawks, all of which have fledged chicks on this property and in the immediate surrounding area. Adjacent to Owl Meadow are over 260 acres of land already protected by Utah Open Lands. Now protected, this parcel has added to over 1000 acres already preserved in Emigration Canyon.

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