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For over 25 years, Utah Open Lands has been seeking conservation solutions for the Northfields. This remarkable landscape provides scenic value that is virtually unmatched, and the waters that flow through the Northfields are vital for the Provo River and the watershed that sustains the Heber Valley, as well as portions of the Salt Lake Valley. These lands are under threat from misguided development plans, which have arisen in part because there is disbelief that the community can rally the necessary resources to save these treasured fields. Utah Open Lands knows that we can.So far, every community dollar pledged to Utah Open Lands to safeguard land in Wasatch County has been leveraged with at least $5 from outside sources. 

Our latest preservation project—the Gertsch Farm—is at a 6:1 leveraging ratio. Our immediate need is for $975,000 to save over 250 acres in current land projects in the Northfields. Of that $975,000, Utah Open Lands plans to seek $250,000 from State funds, but the remaining $725,000 will have to come from donors and community members. This $725,000 will protect over $22,000,000 in value that Utah Open Lands has already secured for the Northfields.Our vision, upon securing the funds needed currently, is to apply for up to $20,000,000 in federal funds, which would be leveraged through a financial raise of $5,000,000 by the organization in 2025. The organization already has significant interest from landowners in the Northfields who are willing to make a substantial contribution of the value of their land to bring a permanent conservation solution to the lands that comprise the Northfields. Your support in helping us meet this first threshold of $975,000 will be the kickstart to a meaningful impact on safeguarding the air, water, wildlife, and beauty of the Northfields.

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