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North Round Valley Preserve

Protected in 2012

Acreage: 292

Summit County, UT

This 292 acre property is critical winter range for Elk and Mule deer. The property sits on the edge of over 300 acres of land that is used by the public for trail running, Nordic skiing, mountain biking, wildlife viewing and hiking. For years it has hung in the balance with the possibility of high density development. In May of 2012, Summit County called on the expertise of Utah Open Lands to aid in discussions with the landowner and her attorney, to create a conservation easement that would forever protect this land. The County came to an agreed purchase for the property and a conservation easement was placed on the property granted to Utah Open Lands in June of 2012. This land is already being praised by the community as a significant open space acquisition that augments the Round Valley area, its recreational opportunity and wildlife habitat.

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