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Protected in 2003

Acreage: 518

Grand County, UT

The LaSal Herd Critical Range Preserve was achieved through coordinated efforts between Utah Open Lands, School & Institutional Trust Lands Administration and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Acquired by Utah Open Lands in 2000, this red rock beauty conserves and improves mule deer habitat throughout the state with emphasis on critical mule deer ranges. A major threat to populations is loss, degradation, and fragmentation of habitats, particularly their winter range. The LaSal Herd Critical Range Preserve constitutes a valuable element of the natural habitat of the Colorado River watershed and ecosystem and provides critical winter range for mule deer coming off the LaSal Mountain range. It also supplies a migration corridor for mule deer and occasionally elk. It contributes to the Sagebrush Steppe habitat for non-game species.

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