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Killyon Red Rocks.jpg

Photo courtesy Thomas Johnson

killyon canyon
- red rocks

Killyon Canyon Red Rocks Preserve consists of approximately 120 acres and is located in Emigration Canyon Metro Township of Salt Lake County, UT. Situated in the Killyon Canyon drainage of Upper Emigration Canyon, just 8 miles east of Salt Lake City, the Property boasts red sandstone reefs and pristine natural vegetation. Bisected by perennial drainages and set amidst virgin, old growth forests, a pocket of the geology and grandeur of the Colorado Plateau is revealed and exposed unexpectedly in an evocative, alpine setting. In addition to its natural habitat value, the Property possesses open space, scenic, and low-impact recreational and limited educational conservation values.

Protected in 2022

Acreage: 126 

Emigration Canyon, UT

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