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Protected in 2010

Acreage: 254

Emigration Canyon, UT

Working with landowners Tracy Burton and Tom Johnson, Utah Open Lands launched a campaign to protect 265 acres of pristine mountain streams, towering pines and alpine meadows in 2008. The Killyon Canyon property begins where the last subdivision in Emigration Canyon ends. Utah Open Lands bid to protect this land from a potential gated development began by engaging Salt Lake County’s Open Space Trust Fund and the State’s LeRay McAllister Critical Lands Fund to become funding partners. With funding from Salt Lake City and a donation of land value from the landowners, Utah Open Lands still had a funding gap to close. Finally in August of 2010 the successful preservation of this property was accomplished when an anonymous donor came to the rescue to make up the gap in funding. The property is an oasis only 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. It provides access to popular destinations like Lookout Peak;  in 2009 Utah Open Lands found evidence of Black bear on the property. The spectacular views across the Valley, unique redrock formations, two streams hosting Bonneville Cutthroat trout and abundant wildlife, make Killyon Canyon a rare wilderness-like experience now possible for the residents in the Salt Lake Valley and beyond.

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