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Meg osswald

There are never enough words to comfort us when we lose a bright light like Meg Osswald.  She was one of those unique individuals that brought hope and inspiration to the world of conservation in part because of her curiosity and in part because of her can-do attitude.  We were fortunate to have Meg and her talents here at Utah Open Lands at the beginning of her career and we watched with awe, and a bit of pride, as she moved on to get a law degree from the University of Utah and take on the role of an Assistant Attorney general with the State of Utah.


In 2010 Utah Open Lands presented Meg with a Certificate of Merit for her service to the conservation of open land in Utah.  “[Her] work helped others to better appreciate natural areas and the value of open land in Utah.”  Meg created one of our first Sage Grouse Lek viewing trips on the Charles Jewell and Erma S Richins Ranch Preserve. Meg spent considerable time stewarding our Southern Utah protected landscapes like Castleton Tower, Professor Valley Ranch and Parriott Mesa. 


There are those who pass through this life all too briefly, felt more acutely because of the impact they have had on our lives.  Meg was one of those individuals.  She will be dearly missed, but we will always see her smile in the bend of the Colorado River near our protected places in Castle Valley that she helped to safeguard and we will remember her every year when the sage grouse lek on the Henefer Divide.  


Click HERE to donate in memory of Meg Osswald.

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