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Hi Ute Canyon

Hi Ute Canyon Preserve

Protected in 2011

Acreage: 1284

Summit County, UT

Sandwiched between the big box outlet stores and condominium development in Park City, the Hi-Ute Ranch and Canyon is one of the largest remaining open spaces in the area.  The canyon land starts south of the large Hi-Ute Barn and continues south for nearly three miles towards Murdock Peak.   The conservation values including, critical habitat for sensitive species of concern: Bonneville cutthroat trout, black bear and deer, will forever be protected from development.   In addition, critical trail connections will be accomplished and the spectacular wilderness view down into the Canyon from the existing trails, will forever be assured. The Hi-Ute Ranch owners began working with Utah Open Lands in 1997 on the possibility of preserving this legacy as a community treasure.  In 2004, a conservation easement was placed on the front pastures of the property also preserving the historic and iconic Hi-Ute barn structure.

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