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HRock google earth.png

H ROCK Preserve

Protected in 2007

Acreage: 13

Salt Lake County, UT

H Rock Preserve was accomplished by working with two landowners above Wasatch Boulevard. Utah Open Lands now ensures the protection of the access to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, a portion of that trail, and the scenic viewshed and wildlife habitat that the properties afford. Working closely with Salt Lake City, and the East Bench Community Council, the preservation of over 12 acres of land adjacent to the H Rock became a reality in September of 2007. This was the first project to be funded by the Salt Lake City Open Space Bond and it was also the first project to be funded by the newly authorized Salt Lake County Bond. The LeRay McAllister fund and the Highland High Class of 2005 were also contributors to the final purchase of these properties.

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