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Protected in 1997

Acreage: 64

Salt Lake County, UT

Gene Wheadon had worked through the depression. When he was asked why he was protecting his property his answer was simple “you can’t eat money.” So in 1997 the Gene and Deane Wheadon Farmland was preserved. The prime agricultural soil, the scenic vistas and wildlife habitat protected for future generations. After Gene passed away, Utah Open Lands has continued to steward the property, defending the conservation values as development has closed in around the farm. The heirs to the Wheadon property recently began looking for a buyer who could keep Gene’s legacy alive. When Salt Lake County approached the heirs to purchase the property for a nature park and community garden, it seemed like the perfect fit. As the County took title to the property they worked with Utah Open Lands to ensure that the partnership would work. In April 2008 the County purchased the property and part of the plan for the Farm includes a community garden, orchard trees and a passive recreational trail. The value of this open space was dramatic when it was protected over eleven years ago, today this public open space is priceless.

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