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Protected in 2000

Acreage: 36

Davis County, UT

Located in Layton, this 39 acre farm which has been passed down through generations of the same family for over 100 years was threatened by development on all sides. To the south are sprawling subdivisions, along the northern edge of the property, although not as threatened because of the hill air force base fly zone, there could have been similar encroachment when the zoning laws come up for review. Furthermore, the Fort Lane Road, a major thoroughfare, bisects the property making the preservation of the farm’s historic character, pastoral setting and open space even more critical.

Fortunately, the landowner possessed the vision and foresight to permanently preserve the farm, forever safeguarding its unique historical and agricultural values from the imminent threat of development in the area. In fact, without a conservation easement, the family farm could not have been passed to the next generation due to the escalating real estate values in the area and exorbitant estate taxes.

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