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Redford Family Elk Meadows Preserve

Protected in 2020

Acreage: 316.5

Utah County, UT

An ethos of conservation is replete in the place that is home to the Sundance Mountain Resort. The land evokes this quality in the people that know it best. Early stories tell of a land prized as hunting grounds by the Ute Tribe. The Stewart Families’ contribution to land preservation and in 1997 The Redford Family’s dedication of almost 900 acres of land on the edge of the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness, a key viewshed along the Alpine Scenic Byway is indicative of the immense conservation value of this land. Now, the granting of over 316 acres of land through this Redford Family Elk Meadows Preserve Conservation Easement will add critical protection, including vital year-round moose habitat, crucial spring through fall elk habitat, sensitive wetland meadows, and seeps, black bear, cougar and coyote use areas and the continued availability to the public of the Stewart Falls hiking trail. The commitment to this landscape, honoring its sacred, cultural space and increasing the legacy of nature preservation is an act that will sustain this land and future generations forever.

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