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Moab Spring Spruce Up: Fencing Installation

Join Utah Open Lands, in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Grand County Active Transportation and Trails (GCATT), for the Moab Spring Spruce Up! On Saturday, April 13th, volunteers will be helping with the installation of fencing at the Castleton Tower Preserve to mitigate unauthorized camping in ecologically sensitive areas. This initiative aims to protect the natural environment while ensuring responsible outdoor recreation. The schedule for the weekend includes a social hour and orientation on Friday evening at The Marc, followed by a full day of work on Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM. Shuttles will depart to work sites in the morning, and volunteers can expect a rewarding day of trail maintenance and cleanup. After a day of hard work, volunteers can enjoy live music, dinner, and drinks back at The Marc at 5 PM. For those planning to volunteer, it's important to come prepared. Wear closed-toed shoes suitable for hiking, long pants, and layers for changing weather conditions. Don't forget sun protection and work gloves. Bring a day pack with plenty of water, snacks, and lunch (although sandwich fixings will be available Saturday morning).

Moab Spring Spruce Up

Spring Transit to Trails Returns

Transit to Trails Graphic.png

Transit to Trails – a partnership with the Central Wasatch Commission, Mountain Trails Foundation, and Park City Municipal – will return this weekend, March 29-31 and the following weekend, April 4-7. You can make reservations now by following this link: Please note that operation of Transit to Trails is weather permitting. Check ahead to ensure no cancellations have been made due to weather. Big thanks to the Park City Municipal Corporation, Mountain Trails Foundation, and the Central Wasatch Commission for helping us make this happen!

Transit to Trails
Sage Grouse Strut

Visiting the Charles Jewell and Erma S. Richins Heritage Ranch Preserve to Watch the Sage Grouse Strut

Last week, two staff members of Utah Open Lands headed to the Charles Jewell and Erma S. Richins Heritage Ranch Preserve to observe the Sage Grouse mating ritual, known as the "Sage Grouse Strut," a remarkable event that occurs at early sunrise during March and April in the birds' breeding grounds, or leks. Sage Grouse, typically elusive creatures blending into their sagebrush habitat, emerge in open areas like leks to court potential mates. Development poses a significant threat to Sage Grouse habitat, emphasizing the need for habitat protection. The Charles Jewell and Erma S. Richins Heritage Ranch Preserve, protected by Utah Open Lands in 2007, hosts one of Northern Utah's most active leks. Taylor Null, one of the staff members in attendance, shared, "The Sage Grouse Strut was an amazing experience. Watching and listening to the calls in the silence of snowfall was unlike anything I've experienced. Waking up early and watching them at the break of dawn was well worth it." This encounter underscores the vital role of conservation throughout Utah in protecting wildlife habitat, and UOL continues its diligent work to protect habitats essential for species survival across the state.


City Nature Challenge Bioblitz

City Nature Challenge Bioblitz.png

Mark your calendars! Utah Open Lands will be setting up at one of our conserved properties in Salt Lake City to encourage the public to participate in the City Nature Challenge! The City Nature Challenge is an annual global event that engages people in observing and recording the biodiversity in urban environments, using the iNaturalist app. Date: April 26th, 2024 Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Location: Salt Lake City. Specific location: University of Utah Check social media page for updates. Citizen science plays a crucial role in this event by encouraging non-scientists to contribute to scientific knowledge and helping land management professionals identify trends in biodiversity that can inform management decisions. Data collected during the challenge can guide conservation efforts, prioritize species for protection, and allocate resources for restoration projects, ensuring that urban areas remain healthy and vibrant for future generations.

Garlic Mustad Pull

Summer Solstice Stewardship: Garlic Mustard Pull at Killyon Canyon

Summer Solstice Stewardship Garlic Mustard Pull in Killyon Canyon.png

Celebrate the summer solstice in style by joining Utah Open Lands, Salt Lake County, and Save Our Canyons for a day of environmental action at Killyon Canyon. Date: June 21st, 2024 Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Location: Volunteers will meet at the Little Mountain Trailhead (588 Emigration Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84108) and carpool to the Killyon trailhead to hike to the weed pull site. Length of the walk to the weed pull site is roughly 2 miles and covers varied terrain so please bring comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear as well as ample water to stay hydrated. Gloves and trash bags for weeds will be provided. While participants of all ages are encouraged to join, minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. At the event, you will learn about the impact of invasives on our local ecosystem and proper Garlic Mustard removal techniques. As a group, you will remove Garlic Mustard, allowing native species a better chance to flourish. Soak up the sun on the longest day of the year while giving back to the landscapes you love. Email to secure your spot. RSVPs required to ensure transportation for all participants.

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