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Trail Tips

to challenge your inner steward


Ride smart

Reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling to the trailhead, or by hopping on the Utah mountain shuttle via the Transit to Trails Program!


Those critters might be cute, but always know the risks of approaching wild animals on trails. Never try to touch, feed or chase wild animals while hiking, and make sure your dogs are always on leash.

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Hot Dog

Keep your dogs on a leash (Wasatch County ordinance).  They maybe friendly but other dogs may be easily scared or agitated.  Scoop poop and dispose of properly.  Dogs are not allowed within a 100 yards of Bloods Lake. It is prohibited as Bloods Lake is the sole drinking water source for the Girl Scout Camp downstream.


Traveling off-trail can accelerate the natural process of erosion. Being a good steward means leaving the place better than you found it, and traveling off-trail can speed up the degradation of trails and cause damage to vegetation.

Leaving it loved means taking responsibility for a place you're visiting. If you see trash on the trail, even if it isn't yours, try challenging your inner steward and pick it up on your way out. We all have a responsibility to help out and maintain the beauty of our open spaces.


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