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the 7x bar ranch preserve

Protected in 2023

Acreage: 43

Henefer, UT

Since the early 1900s the John Anderton family has owned approximately 43 acres, the 7X Bar Ranch Preserve, (the “Property”) located on the western bank of the Weber River and north of the town of Henefer in Summit County, Utah.

The family calls the Property “The Meadow” and uses it for grazing livestock and raising hay without utilizing irrigation infrastructure. The proximity to the river allows access to water and creates rich vegetation which supports abundant biodiversity. Livestock, however, are not the lone occupants to enjoy water and grazing.

The Meadow supports a variety of wildlife. Bald Eagles have been nesting in the cottonwood trees along the river for decades, with huge nests currently visible from the Interstate. Osprey and hawks circle for food on the land and in the water. Fox hunt for rabbits and other prey. Scores of wild turkeys make their home in the meadow. Mule Deer graze in the meadow, and expansive migration corridors are very nearby. 

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