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Protected in 2001

Acreage: 10,000

Summit County, UT

The ranch is a year round home to elk, deer, and moose. Ninety-nine species of songbirds have been identified on the ranch, as well as eagles, falcons, hawks, sage grouse and wild turkeys. Huff Creek, has its headwaters on the ranch and it runs through the ranch, is critical habitat for Bonneville Cutthroat trout. Huff Creek and the surrounding Chalk Creek drainage contain the largest remaining habitat for Bonneville Cutthroat trout in Utah. 

 Huff Creek is one of the major tributaries of Chalk Creek, which feeds the Weber River and eventually provides drinking water to thousands along the Wasatch Front. Protecting these headwaters is critical to preserving water quality throughout the drainage. 
It has been ranched continually since the 1850's and the Mormon Pioneer Trail corridor passes through the ranch. In the 1860's, the ranch was home to one of the original Pony Express stations. The ranch was once an important rail town - at one time it was large enough to have its own schoolhouse. 


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