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BVF  High Mid Falls.jpeg

Bridal Veil Falls

Protected in 2020

Acreage: 22.8

Utah County, UT

Bridal Veil Falls, an iconic landscape tucked into the backdrop of Provo Canyon, was under threat of development. Utah Open Lands knew that the lands' scenic beauty and unique recreational opportunity was a magnet of attraction for both local and visiting hikers and climbers; the treasured community gem had to be saved. The love for the stunning views of the renowned falls and its recreational access was showcased by the backing surrounding community. Utah Open Lands actively pursued a conservation solution, working alongside Utah County to ensure the alternative, the construction of buildings and a helipad, was not realized. An aerial tram and lodge atop of the waterfall  would not once again infringe the scenic splendor possessed since time by the property. Municipal entity and statewide community support was garnered by Utah Open Lands for the preservation of the exceptionally rare landscape and on December 15, it was voted upon by Utah County Commission members that its future was to be protected in perpetuity. Today, Utah Open Lands holds the conservation easement on the Property which is open year round to the public for recreation, scenic relief and to attest to the efforts of those who fought for its protection, as well as a symbol of the innate beauty that the state of Utah has to offer. 

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