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Protected in 2009

Acreage: 139

Summit County, UT

This open space, Armstrong Family Thaynes Canyon Nature and Wildlife Preserve, protects part of Thaynes Canyon right by Park City in Summit County. Nearby lands are being rapidly developed; however, the Armstrong conservation easement permanently protects natural open space and helps to provide a connection to other open lands. Vegetation on the Armstrong property is marked by Rocky Mountain quaking aspen forest communities, riparian areas, and hillsides with Gambel’s oak, bigtooth maple, mountain mahogany, and other shrubs and herbaceous plants that function as food sources and shelter for birds and other wildlife. The Preserve functions as valuable summer range for mule deer, elk, and year-round range for moose. Habitat on the Armstrong Family property is appropriate for sensitive wildlife species that have been documented in the area, including northern goshawks and western toads. Thaynes Canyon Creek runs through the Property.

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