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American West


Protected in 2000

Acreage: 21

Cache County, UT

Maintaining a base of agricultural acreage is central to any farming operation. The Jensen Historical Farm, now home to the American West Heritage Center, is a demonstration of this principle as 21 acres of the farm were threatened with development. As a means of keeping the historic farm intact and maintaining its agricultural viability, the American West Heritage Center asked Utah Open Lands to step in to purchase and safeguard this 21 acre alfalfa field at the entry corridor to Logan and Cache Counties. UOL completed the purchase and conservation easement in July of 2000 with the intention to transfer fee title ownership of the parcel to the Center by the end of 2001. The conservation easement will be transferred to Utah State University, with co-enforcement and monitoring powers held by Utah Open Lands, in order to insure that the land is protected in perpetuity.

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