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Your pledges, your call to action was heard.  Salt Lake City Council and Mayor Mendenhall are to be commended for advancing negotiations and commitments that began prior to Covid-19 to place Allen Park under contract.  The result is that Allen Park will be spared from development to remain a community open space reserve. With an estimated $200,000 plus cost for needed restoration and securing the site Utah Open Lands anticipates that community fundraising and pledges will still be needed beyond those received to date.  We have all witnessed how open space has served as a ray of hope amid the current crisis. The ability to preserve Allen Park became a reality because of Salt Lake City’s diligence. It became a reality with the use of funds dedicated to parks and open space, and funds through Salt Lake Public Utilities. It became a reality because of you. 

rediscover salt lake city.

Donate today. Allen Park was saved through a grassroots effort. Now, restoration work begins. We anticipate having to raise $200,000 to help restore Allen Park and open access to the public. 

"The poetry of         earth is never dead"

Dr. George Allen, a physician from Illinois, purchased this property in 1931. It has been a part of Salt Lake City ever since. "In the 1930s, the Allens built a series of winding paths along Emigration Creek in the expanse of property east of the log house. They planted trees and shrubs and created nooks with benches and tables where visitors could rest. They built fountains. They added cages and nesting boxes for Dr. Allen's growing collection of rare pheasants and other exotic birds. Every Sunday, the property was opened to the general public, a sign out on 1300 East that said, "Visitors Welcome.""

Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, The University of Utah

"beauty is truth,      Truth is beauty."

Local history was at risk. Working with Save Allen Park, Utah Open Lands collected pledges to save this important piece of what makes this place special. Thank you to all those who pledged to contribute. We now move to accepting donations today to help leverage funds from grantors and local entities to restore this piece of property to it's former beauty and grandeur while maintaining it's open space and riparian values.

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"Faith is the bird      that feels the light

 and sings when       the dawn is still dark,"

1. Excerpt from "Hobbitville's Last Days" by David Hampshire, Salt Lake City Weekly. LINK
Photos by David Hampshire.

Utah Open Lands is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, making your donations fully tax-deductible. Our fein is 87-0480542 for your tax purposes.

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