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Remembering Mary Hanscom

Growing up, the Hanscoms were legend around my house.  If it wasn’t the stories of my Dad, John, Dave and Mary during their college days, it was the Hanscom family’s latest outdoor adventure.  There were many dinners with Mary, Dave, Brett and Greg and I think I remember most that while the parents talked on the back deck, us kids were having conversations while jumping on the trampoline. 


It is with deep love and sadness that we say goodbye to Mary Hanscom.  We remember her kindness and her caring personality.  My sister went to Park City Highschool with Greg and that is where Mary often played the biggest role.  Academics were as important as backcountry skiing and steep mountain adventures.

It was during Utah Open Lands’ campaign to protect Bonanza Flat Conservation Area that I was reminded how my passion for the protection of the land was fueled by our families’ friendship with the Hanscoms.  Dave and Mary had a strong connection with the landscape that truly is the heart of the Central Wasatch Range.  Dave recounted for me early days of Nordic ski adventures in the 80s and the weekly hikes that Dave and Mary would take to Bonanza.  During the campaign they made a commitment to see the land protected instead of seeing rooftops and asphalt. 


And so as the heart of the Central Wasatch springs to life in the coming months, I will be thinking of Mary and the whole Hanscom clan and celebrate the honor that is mine to have known her and to know Dave, Brett and Greg.

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