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become a Sustaining member

Becoming a sustaining member -  your monthly or other calendared giving is easier to fold into your budget than a one-time gift. It allows you to choose an amount that works for you and ensures you’re doing your part to support your favorite cause all year long. By being a sustaining member you are part of a large group of world citizens who know our land saving mission means a lot.  Our efforts and protection of open space impacts visitors to our beautiful state, Utahans, our local economy, our health and will be critical to our children for generations to come.

Donate here or if you would prefer an automatic withdraw from your bank, email to obtain the deposit information needed by your bank.

Utah Open Lands runs entirely on donations.
Your gift matters. It keeps us going.

Utah Open Lands is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, making your donations fully tax-deductible. Our fein is 87-0480542 for your tax purposes.

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