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CF Gillmor Family Scenic and Wildlife Preserve Stewardship gift

Utah Open Lands protects the land you love.
Each property is special, and deserving of protection.

When we take on a project, we commit to working tirelessly to seek protection in perpetuity.

With every conservation easement, Utah Open Lands accepts the responsibility to monitor and enforce that easement forever.  The perpetual costs associated with monitoring each easement are a significant and necessary liability for Utah Open Lands, necessary because this is how land is preserved in perpetuity.  Consequently, the liability is not only expected but the associated financial responsibilities are taken very seriously.


The purpose of the Stewardship Fund is twofold:  to provide monies to monitor lands protected by conservation easements and to provide legal defense of those easements.  Our organizational policy has always been to ask easement donors to consider a gift to Utah Open Lands’ stewardship fund to ensure the monitoring and enforcement of the easement.  The rationale for this request of the easement donor is due to the responsibilities and liabilities Utah Open Lands takes on and the recognition that the organization receives no compensation for the necessary monitoring and servicing of the conservation easements required by the conservation easement and the federal law which enables easements.  In addition, UOL fundraises specifically for the stewardship fund from individuals, foundations, and others.  For the purpose of protecting the Salt Lake City Watershed Properties, Utah Open Lands has agreed to raise the funds necessary for stewardship of this area.

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