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landowner worksheet

Thank you for your interest in working with Utah Open Lands (UOL) on a conservation project. You should be commended for your effort to save Utah’s beautiful country. We appreciate you considering Utah Open Lands to help you work through the possibility of protecting your land. To fully understand the project, UOL needs to evaluate both the property and the project itself.

For Utah Open Lands to make an informed decision about your property and the project, we will need to make a site visit. During this site visit and throughout our process, we will discuss the project with you to ascertain your goals.

Before this site visit occurs, it is critical that we gather some preliminary information about the property. Please review our Landowner Guide which provides relevant information regarding Utah Open Lands and the necessary process for conservation. In addition, you will have to complete our Landowner Worksheet and return it to Utah Open Lands. 

It is critical that we obtain this information before the site visit so that we can begin to understand the project.
Once we have received the below information and completed the site visit, UOL staff and board will review the project in order to determine if the project is one that we can undertake.

Please download and complete the Landowner Worksheet below. Send all completed worksheets to Emily at

Please call (801)463-6156 with any questions. Thank you!

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