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In 2017 Utah Open Lands was successful in leading a village of support that resulted in the preservation of Bonanza Flat. Explore the historical and ecological significance of this 1500 acres of open space at the apex of the Central Wasatch, and learn more about what makes Bonanza Flat such a biologically and historically rich landscape.

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Trail Tips

to challenge your inner steward


Know before you go! Use our interactive parking camera locator to check traffic at trailheads before you head up to Bonanza!
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trail conditions

Click on the trail you're interested in to find out about the current condition of the trail
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habitat cards

Bonanza Flat is home to a diverse community of plants and animals. You may see (or hear) some of these species while exploring out there! Click on a habitat card to learn more about the species you're interested in!

Wasatch Rockcress

Garett's Fleabane


False Hellebore

Water Resources

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habitat coloring book

Want a fun activity to get kids excited about getting outside? Download our habitat coloring book and open up the door to a fun and educational resource for young explorers.
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