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bonanza flat Conservation area

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Bonanza Flat Conservation Area: The Heart of the Wasatch
Protected since 2017, this property is a recreational crossroads for northern Utah and an ecological refugium for myriad iconic Utah species, plant and animal alike. 

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Announcing the 2022

Transit to trails

Summer Program

Launches on Thursday, July 30th, 2022

In an effort to enrich the public's lives, preserve our landscapes and reduce congestion on roads and trail-heads, this public service is provided by Park City Municipal Corporation, Utah Open Lands, and Utah Mountain Shuttle with generous funding from the Central Wasatch Commission. 

This FREE service allows hikers and bikers to catch a ride from Park City to popular trailheads on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Visit our Transit to Trails webpage to learn more!

Escape to the backcountry.

Hike, mountain bike, ski, or snowshoe through Bonanza Flat Conservation Area's backcountry trails for spectacular views of alpine lakes, aspen forest, and wide open spaces; spend a day watching for wildlife; drive along the scenic roadways to Guardsman and Empire Passes for spectacular views. Bonanza Flat Conservation Area is home to moose, mule deer, elk, mountain lion, and many other special creatures. Raptors, songbirds, and other avian species utilize the aspen and conifer forests within the property, offering unrivaled opportunities for birding. Year-round recreational opportunities round out the Bonanza Flat Conservation Area experience.

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A brief history...

In 2017 development threatened Bonanza Flat. Park City Municipal and Utah Open Lands banded together to work to preserve this beautiful area in the heart of the Wasatch. With a purchase price of $38 million dollars it seemed impossible, but after Park City residents voted to pass a $25 million dollar bond, the race was on to fill the funding gap. 
It was close, but in the end, it took:
3 cities, 3 counties,  3 public agencies, 11 non-profits, & thousands of private donations to protect Bonanza Flat Conservation Area in perpetuity. 
$13 MILLION DOLLARS later, the funding gap was met and the next chapter of the heart of the Wasatch was preserved!


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