Utah Open Lands (UOL) is a 501c(3) non-profit land trust conservation association.  Our mission is to preserve and protect open space in order to maintain Utah’s natural heritage and quality of life for present and future generations.  This is achieved by assisting private landowners, government agencies and communities in the voluntary preservation of the agricultural, scenic, recreational, historic and wildlife values of open land.


• To permanently protect land in Utah by acquiring title or conservation        easements.

• To responsibly manage and monitor preserves and easements, and enforce restrictions to protect conservation values.

• To educate and inform landowners, professional advisors, and the general public about land conservation.

As a non-profit organization

Utah Open Lands depends entirely on private donations. Aside from donations, the most important contribution you as an individual can make is to be informed about the mission of Utah Open Lands. Even if Utah Open Lands had access to substantial funding, large scale preservation of Utah's treasured landscapes would be impossible without support from the general public and the conscientious stewardships of land-owning families.

Donations to Utah Open Lands translate directly into the tangible satisfaction of protected lands and are tax deductible. Examples of donations which are welcome and gratefully accepted include:

 • Gifts of cash, stock or bonds
• Becoming a member of Utah Open Lands
• Granting a conservation easement on your property to Utah Open Lands
• Outright gift of land
• Naming Utah Open Lands as a beneficiary in your will
• Donations of services such as photography, research, monitoring or conservation planning
• Gifts of office equipment or furniture
• Volunteer work ranging from simple office administration duties to specific project tasks.

Utah Open Lands Conservation Association, Inc. • 2188 S. Highland Dr., 203 Salt Lake City Utah 84106 • tel: 801.463.6156  • fax: 801.463.6226 • Executive Director: Wendy Fisher Wendy@UtahOpenLands.org • Operations: Catherine Cargill Catherine@UtahOpenLands.org •

Conservation Director: Arthur Morris, PhD Arthur@UtahOpenLands.org


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